4 Player Records Catalog

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The Change (4P007)


Nessbeths new E.P. delivers a fine mixture of pumpin' Techno, smooth Tech-House and bouncing Electro tracks.

Warmup for 2010 (4P006)

Nessbeth / Mister Ries ft. Latomski

The tracks by Nessbeth where only available on one testpressing back in the day. A collaboration between Mister Ries and Latomski from Belgium completes this release.

Berlin Tracks E.P. (4P005)


A solo E.P. by Nessbeth with straight banging Techno and Ghettotech tracks including a remix by Mister Ries.

4th Installment (4P004)

Nessbeth / AudioPervert / Mister Ries

From oldschool bouncin' chicagoish style tune to straightforward Technobass and laidback Electro.

Triple Play (4P003)

Nessbeth / Mister Ries / Gab.Gato

Forces where bundled again to deliver this release including some nice Electro- and straight Ghettobeats!

Two's Up (4P002)

Nessbeth / Mister Ries / AudioPervert / Gab.Gato

Second release with banging Ghetto, smooth Electro and for the first time a collaboration Nessbeth and Dj Nasty from Detroit.

4 Players E.P. (4P001)

Nessbeth / AudioPervert / Brickman / Mister Ries

First release of 4 Player Records congtains 9 tracks at all and was vinyl only back in the days. Tracks where played by the likes of Westbam, Dave Clarke, Dj Godfather and lots more. Now you can get it all digital.